Hedge Funds

Below is some information about how this service can be utilized to help you with your financial goals. For further and more in-depth information, please contact us and one of our advisors will be in touch with you.

At Union Wealth Management, we understand the needs and goals of our Hedge Fund clients. With many years of research and development and enlisting fund managers during continuous beta testing, we created a solution that enables fund managers to focus on what is most important to them – their clients. On one end, users can effectively manage client information and allocation while on the other end; they can maintain comprehensive and complex tracking of a range of investment securities and strategies. In today’s global environment, the importance of mobility and access are crucial in the financial industry. Whether you are a small fund or managing over $500M in assets, we are proven to all sized clients. We invite you to learn more. Our Hedge Fund solutions are structured at every stage of their development in such a way that risk can be controlled effectively.
Our Investment Team consists of experienced specialists who share an extensive network. As part of a thorough analysis, we pay several visits to every hedge fund, in various team compositions, before we decide to invest in them.
We align our interests with those of our clients by making significant financial investments in our funds. We source and assess both conventional and also niche hedge funds as well as hedge fund-related investments.

We are extremely proud of the world-class services we provide. Our team of professionals will help to change your finances forever. Asami Nakamura, CEO