Strategic Advice

Below is some information about how this service can be utilized to help you with your financial goals. For further and more in-depth information, please contact us and one of our advisors will be in touch with you.

Our wide-ranging industry experience means that we are well-placed in our areas of expertise to provide clients with strategic advice independent of any specific M&A transaction.

Often clients will simply be seeking a thorough, independent review of their business in order to improve or solidify value at some future point.

Our team will examine current plans, operations and market trends, interview management and staff, conduct workshops, and review financial models, drawing where necessary on our comprehensive network of industry specialists, before producing a comprehensive report and recommendations.

In doing so, we provide clients with a combination of consultancy, financial advice and Board-level strategic guidance and planning. This will typically deliver a road map to value generation and crystallization of a highly cost-effective project.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Market entry strategies
  • Target search, mapping and identification
  • M&A strategy including identification of potential bolt-on investments or divestments
  • Strategic business reviews
  • Optimizing business plans and investment cases
  • Valuations
  • Exit strategies and advice

We are extremely proud of the world-class services we provide. Our team of professionals will help to change your finances forever. Asami Nakamura, CEO